World Issues and How Standards Can Help

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Eight hands, of various skin colours, coming together to form a circle.

Last week, Standards Australia hosted the ISO Annual Meeting  in Brisbane – the first time it’s been held in Australia for 20 years. Presented over five days in virtual, hybrid and in-person sessions with more than 4000 participants from over 140 countries (500 in-person) under the theme “Meeting Global Needs”. The event covered some of the most important issues facing the world. Stand out sessions include:

  • Ready or not, here comes AI – AI is everywhere, but it is important to identify both the benefits and risks associated with using it and recognise that humans need to remain at the centre of decision-making.
  • Hydrogen: Fuel of the future? – The headwinds confronting the uptake of Hydrogen as a clean energy source are significant, but global standards may provide a path forward.
  • Building resilience in an uncertain world – Climate change is intensifying, but if we are to tackle the challenges it brings, we must collaborate: standards can play a vital role in mitigating risks and strengthening urban resilience.

Consumers Federation of Australia (CFA) supports consumer representatives to participant in standards development, find out more about the  CFA Standards Project and how to get involved.

For highlights of the ISO Annual Meeting or to watch (or rewatch) online sessions click here.