World Environment Day – 5th June 2021

The United Nations encourages worldwide awareness and action to protect our environment. Consumers’ Federation of Australia (CFA) has identified the environmental impact of services and products as a priority for participation on Standards Australia Technical Committees as part of the CFA Standards Project.  CFA representatives are involved in standards development on Biodiversity and other environmental issues such as  Environmental Management, Circular Economy, Environmental Labelling, Greenhouse Gas Management, Carbon Neutrality and Life Cycle Assessment.

The theme for World Environment Day 5 June 2021 is ecosystem restoration, with a special focus on creating a good relationship with nature. This year’s event will also mark the launch of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration 2021–2030. Find out about ecological restoration in Australia on the Society for Ecological Restoration Australasia (SERA) website.

World Environment Day is seen as the “people’s day” for doing something to take care of the Earth. Local school and community events like clean-up campaigns, tree-planting drives and trail walks are organised all over the country, check listings in your local area.

Find out how you can volunteer as a representative of CFA on a standards committee and advocate for the consumer interest to be taken into account, and for the standard to include acceptable requirements for consumer protection here.

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