World Consumer Rights Day – what’s happening around the world

Within the consumer movement, the World Consumer Rights Day, is an annual reminder and recognition of the importance of consumer rights in any market, no matter how complex or diverse.

With the clean energy transition being a core theme this year, check out the events taking place around the world that you can be part of virtually.

Consumers International – Empowering Consumers Through Clean Energy Transitions

Across the week, Consumers International are running a range of dialogues on clean energy issues. Topics include consumer-centred business models, clean affordable energy and consumer policy for a clean energy future.

The events are virtual and free featuring leading global experts from Consumer Reports, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), World Energy Council, OECD, S&P Global and many more.

Details and registration information:

UNCTAD – Upholding consumers’ right to water and energy

UNCTAD will be holding an online webinar on accessibility to essential services with a focus on energy and water. Discussions will be linked with progress and contribution towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals in the coming seven years.

The online event will include a global overview of consumer access to energy and water and a discussion on opportunities to improve access and quality of service via a diverse panel of speakers.

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ACCC and CHOICE – Ruby Hutchison Memorial Lecture

Every year, within the Australian consumer movement, no other event is more renowned for its awe-inspiring speakers than the annual Ruby Hutchison Memorial Lecture. This year is no exception, featuring Financial Counselling Australia’s Lynda Edwards who earlier this month was recognised as NSW Premier’s Woman of the Year. Lynda Edwards, a descendant of the Wangkumara people of far west NSW, has been advocating for financial inclusion, fairness and financial resilience for First Nations people across Australia.

The lecture will be held online and in-person at the State Library of NSW in Sydney. If you missed out on the opportunity to attend live, keep an eye out for the recording in the coming days on the ACCC website: Ruby Hutchison Memorial Lecture | ACCC