World Consumer Rights Day 2024: Fair and Responsible AI for Consumers

Consumers International World Consumer Rights Day 2024 FAIR AND RESPONSIBLE AI FOR CONSUMERS

It’s March 15th and time for World Consumer Rights Day once more, a day to raise global and local awareness of consumer rights, protection and empowerment. The theme selected this year by Consumers International (CI) is ‘Fair and responsible AI for consumers’.

For Australian consumers, the Federal Government released an interim response to safe and responsible artificial intelligence based on 2023 consultations. Consultations on possible mandatory guardrails for AI are ongoing but immediate actions have already been taken. More information can be found here.

The Consumers Federation of Australia (CFA) engages with AI and consumers by supporting a representative to the Standards Australia Technical Committee IT-043 Artificial intelligence as part of the CFA Standards Project. Standards Australia, of which CFA is a member, has also been active on a research and international level regarding standards for AI.

For more information about the theme of ‘Fair and responsible AI’ and CI’s associated #GenerativeAI campaign visit their website here.