WMCA gains two new members and further news.


Minh Nguyen, a CFA representative on the Weight Management Council of Australia has provided CFA with an update on their activities.

CFA are happy to report that WMCA has two new members including Weight Watchers and Nestle. The independent chair for WMCA has been working to engage with Australian federal government to highlight the role of commercial providers in weight management.  A key area of focus is the cost and burden of obesity, and comparing the systems to current Medicare practice. The area presents a challenge to industry, however, with the use of current research and demonstrated cost efficiencies, it can continue to improve and adapt to policy within government.

Industry updates demonstrate that there is a stirring in membership to transition further into the health sector, allowing a cost effective option to the ever growing health budget. Furthermore, the health sector is seeing an opening to competition, thus industry self-regulation provides greater value to members as opposed to their competitors. Industries are also raising new options to traditional areas such as chronic disease management. An example is Weight Watchers offering weight management options to those living with Type 2 diabetes.

The field of weight management and health is a dynamic one, with changes and new ideas growing exponentially. We look forward to further updates within the sector.