Why do I need goggles when skiing or snowboarding?

A good pair of goggles while skiing or snowboarding affects your performance as well as your safety. The goggles you choose should not only look good but should have safety features. Standards Australia recently released AS/NZS 18527.1:2022 Eye and face protection for sports use Part 1: Requirements for downhill skiing and snowboarding goggles which adopts ISO 18527 1:2021 with national modifications. This document applies to downhill skiing and snowboarding goggles fitted with an insert to carry prescription lenses and specifies requirements and testing for materials, performance, marking of goggles and information to be supplied by the manufacturer.Goggles protect against hazards including ultraviolet and visible solar radiation, rain, snow, and wind during downhill skiing, snowboarding and other similar activities..

 Protecting our eyes, should take centre stage along with other personal protection equipment in every situation we find ourselves, including work and play. Standards Australia has also recently released updated standards on AS/NZS 18527 Part 2: Requirements for eye protectors for squash andeye protectors for racquetball and squash; and Part 3: Requirements and test methods for eyewear intended to be used for surface swimming.

These Joint Australian/New Zealand Standard™ were prepared by Standards Australia Joint Technical Committee SF-006, Eye and Face Protection.  Consumers Federation of Australia supports a representative to participate on the committee, ensuring the consumer perspective is considered in the standards development process. Find out more about the CFA Standards Project and how to get involved. Contact standards@consumeraction.org.au.

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