What can I do about improving the environment?

windmills in the distance on a field of grass

Consumers are more aware of environmental issues than ever before and feeling anxious about the state of the planet. There are many opportunities to contribute to global projects working on improving the environment.

You can help find out how much plastic pollution there is globally by uploading images of pollution when you see it – no matter where you are. Whether you’re walking along the beach or going for a stroll in your neighbourhood (following social distancing and safety measures in your area), use your phone and upload a snap of any rubbish that you see. Find out how to here.

As part of the CFA Standards Project, a CFA representative participates on the Standards Australia Technical Committee EV-021 Environmental management, which is contributing to the development of ISO standards on environmental management, circular economy, environmental labelling, greenhouse gas measurement, and carbon neutrality. Find out more here.

‘Biodiversity’ or ‘biological diversity’ is the variety of life on earth and we rely on it to give us the air, food and water required to sustain us. A more detailed picture of Australia’s biodiversity is available from The Atlas of Living Australia (ALA) – a collaborative, digital, open infrastructure that pulls together Australian biodiversity data from multiple sources, making it accessible and reusable. Explore and contribute to ALA’s Open Access to Australia’s Biodiversity data here.

Ready to cut your waste at home? From a fridge packed with food and bathroom cabinets filled with personal grooming products to overflowing wardrobes and laundry baskets, most of us are surrounded by tomorrow’s waste. Get some tips from the WA Government’s waste reduction effort Own Your Impact or look up information and advice in your own state.