Webinar: Make Unfair Illegal – an unfair trading prohibition discussion

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The Consumer Policy Research Centre (CPRC) has just announced a webinar to discuss the Federal Government’s recent proposals to address unfair business practices. On Tuesday 10th October at 4:00pm AEDT, CPRC’s Chandni Gupta (Deputy CEO and Digital Policy Director at CPRC and a Board Executive for CFA) will facilitate a live panel discussion and Q&A with Jeannie Paterson, Katharine Kemp, and CFA’s Gerard Brody. All three panelists have a strong history with consumer law.

The webinar will centre on:

  • how well unfair practices are defined and captured in the proposals
  • preferred and practical options
  • what could work well in an Australian context
  • what’s missing in the current proposals, and
  • what should we be thinking about as the debate sparks on making unfair illegal.
CPRC, https://cprc.org.au/event/make-unfair-illegal-webinar/

For more information about the panelists or to register for the webinar click here.