Victorians come out in support of more options for car registration payments

The Financial and Consumer Rights Council (FCRC), peak body for financial counsellors in Victoria, agrees with the Premier that Victorian motorists should be able to pay their vehicle registration by instalments.

Geelong Financial Counsellor, Julie Barrow sparked an online petition late last week.  The petition has gone viral in with over 50,000 signatures collected as of today.

“The cost of car registrations has increased dramatically in recent years and it is tough for thousands of Victorians to pay in one lump sum” said Peter Gartlan, Executive Officer with Financial and Consumer Rights Council.

“Affordable payment options will allow motorists to not have to rob Peter to pay Paul. This will reduce the number of unregistered vehicles and possible fines, particularly on those Victorians doing it tough”

Other states offer payment options to motorists.

“It’s time that VicRoads caught up with other large institutions like banks, insurers, energy retailers and telcos  by offering the option of payment by  instalment”  Mr Gartlan said.

FCRC calls on the Andrews government to act now. We also note the support by Matthew Guy, Opposition Leader.

Directly addressing the Premier in her petition, financial counsellor, Julie Barrow, simply wrote, “Provide affordable payment arrangements for all Victorian motorists in renewing their vehicle registrations.”

Ms Barrow said that she had been overwhelmed by the support.