Using standards as a tool for consumer protection

UNCTAD held its first UNCTAD / ISO COPOLCOConsumers International joint webinar on Using standards as a tool for consumer protection. This webinar brought together standards experts and consumer agencies’ representatives to inform both communities about the work of COPOLCO and the standards it promotes – read the notes on the webinar here.

Consumers’ Federation of Australia (CFA) has two representatives on the Standards Australia mirror committee, which develops the Australian position for ISO COPOLCO, who participate in the ISO meetings. A CFA Executive member participates in the UNCTAD Intergovernmental Experts Group on consumer protection.

Consumer priorities for ISO standards concerning consumers include product safety, fitness for purpose, sustainability, ease of use (interoperability), accessibility, vulnerable consumers, product information and labelling, verifiable claims, complaints handling and redress mechanisms, privacy and data protection. Past success in standardization includes a very successful standard on social responsibility. Emerging standards work includes areas such as online reviews, unit pricing, privacy by design and consumers’ vulnerability.

The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCAD) was established in 1964 as a permanent intergovernmental body. UNCTAD is the part of the United Nations Secretariat dealing with trade, investment, and development issues.

Find out how you can participate as a consumer representative as part of the CFA Standards Project and register your interest here.