Unsafe products: guide highlights standards

A new national product safety guide will improve consumer safety by helping businesses identify potentially dangerous or banned products.  The newly published Product Safety Guide for Business – which is in English, Chinese and Vietnamese – highlights a large range of bans and standards, from toys and baby products to swimming and sporting equipment.  The Guide has been designed for traders, particularly discount variety stores, “two dollar shops”, weekend market traders, and retailers of baby goods and toys.

Not all imported products have been checked for compliance with Australia’s product safety laws; and retailers and wholesalers have a responsibility to ensure the products they sell comply with these laws and to be aware of any changes to the law.

Product Safety Australia has a full list of mandatory standards and CFA representatives are currently involved in developing and amending over one quarter via the Standards Australia Technical Committees process.

The Guide has been developed in partnership with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), and state and territory consumer protection agencies.