Understand the cost of medical procedures using Medical Costs Finder

The Medical Costs Finder is an online tool that helps people understand the cost of common medical procedures by specialists in Australia.

In line with the Australian Government’s strategy to improve understanding and transparency of out of pocket costs, the web tool uses the most recent publicly available Government data about what people have paid for procedures.

More procedures and treatments will be added over 2020.

You can use the tool to:

  • see how much people have paid out of pocket for a procedure
  • compare the costs estimated by your specialists and other health providers for a hospital procedure with the typical costs for the procedure in your area.

This helps you better understand what is typically paid and whether your likely out of pocket costs are high or low, compared with what others have paid for the treatment.

You will also see the Medicare and any private health insurance payments, which could affect the out of pocket costs you may pay.

Click here to start using the Medical Costs Finder.