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‘The reportable situations regime has now been in place for over two years, and licensees have had ample time to take the necessary steps to ensure full compliance with the requirements,’ said ASIC Chair Joseph Longo.

‘Since its commencement, ASIC has been working with stakeholders to improve the operation of the reportable situations regime, including through providing guidance and modifications. ASIC will now move to taking stronger regulatory action to drive improved compliance with the regime, including enforcement action where appropriate.’

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Since March 2023, ASIC has taken regulatory action against five issuers of retail OTC derivative products for breaches of DDO. This has resulted in 10 interim stop orders relating to retail OTC derivatives, with further DDO-related investigations of high-risk product issuers underway. ASIC recently commenced its first design and distribution proceedings in the Federal Court against a CFD issuer (23-204MR) and will continue to take appropriate regulatory action where it sees DDO contraventions and risk of consumer harm.

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ASIC will take further enforcement action to protect Australian consumers and small businesses in an environment where scams, digitally-enabled misconduct and predatory lending practices are increasingly prevalent.

‘We are responding to key trends and emerging issues in the regulatory landscape, where there are major shifts across sustainable finance, the digital and data economy, and an ageing population.’

‘We are also closely monitoring the development and use of artificial intelligence and what this means for the businesses and markets we regulate and exploring potential uses of this and other technologies within ASIC,’ Mr Longo said.

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The Treasurer has announced the appointment of Ms Katherine O’Rourke, currently a First Assistant Secretary at Treasury, as Commissioner from 11 September 2023. Mr Alan Kirkland, who is currently the CEO of leading consumer group CHOICE, and Ms Simone Constant, who is currently the Chief Risk Officer, Institutional Bank and Markets at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, will commence their terms on 20 November 2023.

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Deputy Chair Karen Chester said, ‘An insurance claim doesn’t have to be handled perfectly, but it must be handled well. Our claims handling review found good practices and poor practices across all six insurers. We identified five areas where insurers can and should make immediate claims handling improvements – consumer communications, project management, identifying vulnerable consumers and complaints, resourcing of claims and complaints handling’.

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The current product intervention orders came into effect on Friday 15 July 2022. They reinforce consumer protections by prohibiting the provision of short term credit and continuing credit contracts, which involve unreasonably high fees charged to retail clients. These fees exceed the cost caps imposed by the National Credit Code.

If not extended, the short term credit and continuing credit contracts product intervention orders will expire on 15 January 2024.

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