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Original media release by ASIC (20/11/2023). ASIC Chair Joe Longo has welcomed the commencement of new Commissioners Simone Constant and Alan Kirkland, who began their five-year terms today. In August the Treasurer announced the appointment of three new Commissioners to ASIC to serve alongside Mr Longo, Deputy Chair Sarah Court and Deputy Chair Karen Chester,…

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Original media release ASIC (17/11/2023). Today ASIC opened its consultation on the Australian Banking Association’s (ABA) proposed changes to its Banking Code of Practice (the Code). The Code contains a set of contractually enforceable standards that customers and small business can expect subscribing banks to uphold. The ABA plans to apply for ASIC approval of…

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ASIC has today strengthened its scam prevention tools to support consumers with the publication of a new investor alert list. Consumers can use this list to help inform themselves as to whether an entity they are considering investing in could be fraudulent, a scam or unlicensed.

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Original media release by ASIC (6/11/2023). ASIC has commenced civil penalty proceedings in the Federal Court alleging Telstra Super failed to comply with internal dispute resolution requirements.  This is the first proceeding under this regime, which came into effect on 5 October 2021. The new regime makes certain provisions of ASIC’s Regulatory Guide for Internal…

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‘The reportable situations regime has now been in place for over two years, and licensees have had ample time to take the necessary steps to ensure full compliance with the requirements,’ said ASIC Chair Joseph Longo.

‘Since its commencement, ASIC has been working with stakeholders to improve the operation of the reportable situations regime, including through providing guidance and modifications. ASIC will now move to taking stronger regulatory action to drive improved compliance with the regime, including enforcement action where appropriate.’

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Since March 2023, ASIC has taken regulatory action against five issuers of retail OTC derivative products for breaches of DDO. This has resulted in 10 interim stop orders relating to retail OTC derivatives, with further DDO-related investigations of high-risk product issuers underway. ASIC recently commenced its first design and distribution proceedings in the Federal Court against a CFD issuer (23-204MR) and will continue to take appropriate regulatory action where it sees DDO contraventions and risk of consumer harm.

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