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The Consumer’s Federation of Australia (CFA) is now seeking expressions of interest for the 2024 Consumer Advocacy Award. The National Consumer Congress, hosted by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), will be on Thursday 27 June 2024 in Sydney. As part of the Congress, CFA is hosting the 2024 Consumer Advocacy Award for the…

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Last week the Consumers’ Federation of Australia (CFA) along with member organisations CHOICE, Queensland Consumers Association (QCA), Financial Counselling Australia (FCA), Consumers SA (South Australia), the Combined Pensioners and Superannuants Association (CPSA) and the Indigenous Consumers Assistance Network submitted our joint group submission to the 2024-25 ACCC Supermarket Inquiry. Generally, the submission calls for the…

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The Consumers Federation of Australia (CFA) and CHOICE have provided a submission to the newly newly established Competition Taskforce on merger approvals.  Australia has many markets that are highly concentrated; supermarkets, airlines, banking, telecommunications, energy and insurance are all markets where a few dominant companies provide most Australians with essential products and services. Increasingly, we…

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Consumers International Global Congress; Nairobi, Kenya 06-08 December 2023; Building a resilient future for consumers; supporting partners COMESA Competition Commission and Competition Authority of Kenya

Today the Congress was abuzz with passionate consumer advocates, experts and regulators taking a deep dive into everything from scams and AI to greenwashing and digital wallets. But at the heart of so many discussions today was the value of and the critical need to collaborate. It was recognised that collaboration both within and across borders is needed to help raise the voices on key issues impacting consumers and to learn from one another. Below are some of the highlights from Day 2!

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The Consumers’ Federation of Australia has published its new Strategic Plan 2024. The plan unveils an exciting new vision: a thriving consumer movement that advances the diverse interests of consumers. As the peak body for the consumer movement, CFA’s purpose is to enable our members to connect and be more impactful. The new plan identified…

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