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This year’s Ruby Hutchison Memorial lecture shone a light on just how much the consumer protection movement together with regulators has achieved in the last 50 years, and the complex consumer issues we’re still seeking answers to today. Bringing in a musical theme and recognising the rockstar influence of the speakers, the ACCC Deputy Chair…

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Consumer advocates call on insurers to act now at flood insurance inquiry

Urgent changes needed to improve claims handling process

A number of consumer advocacy groups – including CHOICE, Financial Rights Legal Centre, Consumer Action Law Centre, and Financial Counselling Australia – will be the first to appear today and tomorrow at a public hearing for the parliamentary inquiry into insurers’ responses to 2022 major floods claims.

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The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has released its Insurance Monitoring Report for 2023, the reports second annual release. The reports key focus was on insurance for homes, strata and small business in the Northern Territory and the effect, reception and role of the government’s new cyclone reinsurance pool. Due to the differences in…

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Original media release by the Insurance Council of Australia (14/11/2023). An Independent Review of the 2020 General Insurance Code of Practice will be undertaken by an eminent three-person panel with backgrounds in consumer advocacy, financial regulation and the insurance industry, the Insurance Council of Australia (ICA) announced today. The Code sets out the minimum standards…

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Last week the Australian Government announced its intention to form a Senate Inquiry into insurer response to the 2022 floods. This week, according to a media release from Minister for Financial Services and Assistant Treasurer the Hon. Stephen Jones MP, will be presenting the motion for its consumer-focused Inquiry to the house this Monday, August 7th.

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In recent times there have been significant storms and flooding in Australia with a serious impact on dwellings and communities. When carrying out flood repairs to a building, after prioritising health and safety, there are precautions to be taken, and consumers should be aware of the serious impact of mould and other effects of exposure…

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In 2022 almost all Australian Territories and States experienced substantial flood events with New South Wales and South-East Queensland some of the worst affected areas. Now, after months of coverage over poor and variable insurer responses to flood damage and coverage, the Albanese Government is launching an inquiry into insurer responses.

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