Internet of Things

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“Significant changes have occurred since the ACCC last examined search services in 2021. We’ve seen new laws introduced overseas that place obligations on so-called gatekeeper search engines and the emergence of new technologies, like generative AI, that have changed the way consumers search for information online and may be impacting the quality of the service they are receiving,”

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More and more everyday objects are connecting to the internet and while these “smart” devices offer benefits to consumers, they come with cyber risks when not developed and maintained with security in mind and often lack the security capabilities of traditional computer products. There is growing concern about the rising threats stemming from insecure consumer IoT devices.…

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A conversation with CFA Standards Representative Paul Loney about his participation in standards development, what his work looks like today and what keeps him excited to represent consumers. How long have you worked in standards development and can you tell me about some changes you’ve seen in that time? I’ve been representing consumers in standards…

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Measures addressing Google’s dominance in search engine services, including a choice screen that provides consumers with a selection of search engines, should be introduced in Australia, as set out in the ACCC’s third Digital Platform Services Inquiry interim report. This is a media release from the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC). It was originally published on 28th October,…

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Smart devices or Internet of Things (IoTs) have a significant role in our daily lives at home.  A new report has raised the importance of increasing consumer awareness of privacy and consumer protection issues associated with IoTs since there is very limited legal protection for consumers who use these devices. The report Enhancing consumer awareness of…

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Wireless networks have enabled the Internet of Things (IoT) to connect the billions of physical devices around the world to the internet, enabling them to communicate real-time data without involving a human being.  Consumers Federation of Australia is supporting a representative to participate on the Standards Australia Technical Committee on IoT, to bring the consumer perspective to…

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Not all cyber security risks can be addressed by governments and industry — individuals should also take steps to protect themselves. The COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated how much Australians interact and work online, trusting the internet for healthcare, working from home, education, entertainment and online shopping. Protecting you and your family online is about more than avoiding…

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Working from home has specific cyber security risks, including targeted cybercrime. The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) has tips when working from home. Consumer groups are pushing for stronger cybersecurity responses from governments, internet providers and manufacturers, with clear and actionable guidance for consumers. Standards Australia has joined with AustCyber, industry leaders and the NSW…

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