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Last week, Standards Australia hosted the ISO Annual Meeting  in Brisbane – the first time it’s been held in Australia for 20 years. Presented over five days in virtual, hybrid and in-person sessions with more than 4000 participants from over 140 countries (500 in-person) under the theme “Meeting Global Needs”. The event covered some of the most important issues facing the world.

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Three months after the ABC ran a story about virtual kidnapping scams targeting Chinese international students in Sydney, the National Anti-Scam Centre (NASC) has warned that the scam, which aims to threaten, intimidate, and steal from Chinese students living in Australia (regardless of socio-economic status), has more than doubled in number since August 2023.

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Two price tags: on the left it says 'Jasmine Rice 5kg $12.99' with '26 cents per 100 grams' circled in red and labeled 'unit price'. On the right is a price tag reading 'Jasmine Rice 1kg $3.99' with the unit price circled and labeled as such in red ink reading '40 cents per 100 grams'.

New Zealand has passed Regulations that require many instore and online grocery retailers to provide the unit price (price per standard unit of measure) for most products sold.

However, for instore retailers the Regulations will only come fully into force in August 2024 and for online retailers in August 2025.

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“To assist consumers with the cost of living crisis and the high rate of grocery price inflation, the ACCC and the Federal Government should follow the UK’s example and take action now to substantially improved the quality of the unit pricing provided by Australian grocery retailers and to improve the Grocery Unit Pricing Code administered by the ACCC.”

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