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Original media release from ECA (23/11/2023). Energy Consumers Australia (ECA) CEO Brendan French, quoted in response to the Capacity Investment Scheme: quote Energy Consumers Australia CEO Brendan French: “Energy Consumers Australia welcomes this morning’s announcement which is both an important step in providing reliable supply to consumers and also a continued firm commitment by Federal…

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National Recycling Week 13-19 November, established by Planet Ark in 1996, encourages Australians to better recycle. This year’s theme is What goes around comes around. Join your community and get involved in events about giving resources a second life, consuming less, reducing the need for new resources, and of course, recycling! Reducing our waste not only…

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Below is the original text from the New South Wales Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) which is currently accepting submissions relating to the recently released paper ‘NSW Plastics Next Steps’. The Consumers’ Federation of Australia encourages submissions and in some cases can and will spearhead member organisation submissions upon request. The relevant website page can be…

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The Australian Energy Regulator’s (AER) latest State of the energy market report highlights that the energy system in 2023 experienced fewer shocks and better outcomes than in the preceding year, however many of the vulnerabilities observed in 2022 remain. 

The report reveals some improved outcomes in wholesale energy markets with average wholesale electricity prices significantly lower than the record highs seen in 2022. Wholesale gas prices also declined significantly from 2022 but remain high by historical standards.

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Energy Consumers Australia (ECA) newly released report, Stepping Up: A Smoother Pathway to Decarbonising Homes (available here), has called on local, state/territory, and federal governments to collectively ‘step up’ and ensure everyone in Australia is supported and enabled to go all-electric. The policy report is based on research by CSIRO and Dynamic Analysis which has increased our understanding on the shared and individual costs of electrification for consumers.

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The ACCC today published draft guidance to improve the integrity of environmental and sustainability claims made by businesses and protect consumers from ‘greenwashing’.

The draft guidance aims to address the concerning conduct identified by the ACCC’s recent greenwashing internet sweep, which found 57 per cent of businesses reviewed were making potentially misleading environmental claims.

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Consumers International has recently released a white paper on ‘Consumer protection and empowerment for a clean energy future’ centred on the “twin challenge” of switching to sustainable and affordable alternatives in an increasingly shorter timeframe while ensuring consumers are represented and helped through and with the process. The report focuses on how “consumer protection and…

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CSIRO is seeking feedback on a Discussion Paper – Transforming Australian Food Systems. The closing date for feedback is 7 February 2023. Information about the project and a copy of the Discussion Paper are available here. The Discussion Paper presents a guide towards enabling the transformation that is necessary across Australia’s food systems, to reach…

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