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BackgroundThe Youpla Group, also called the Aboriginal Community Benefit Fund (ACBF) sold funeral insurancepolicies to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. These were called Youpla funeral funds.When Youpla collapsed in March 2022, many community members could no longer pay for Sorry Business.From July 2024 the Youpla Support Program will replace the existing Treasury Program.The National…

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A study of local economic abuse in First Nations communities with special focus on Australia and Canada June 2024 Jerry Buckland Canadian Mennonite University Winnipeg, Manitoba Carmen Daniels Indigenous Consumer Assistance Network Cairns, Queensland ICAN

Today, ICAN releases its literature review: A study of local economic abuse in First Nations communities with a special focus on Australia and Canada. The study was undertaken by Professor Jerry Buckland from the Canadian Mennonite University (CMU) and Carmen Daniels, Research Manager at ICAN. ICAN’s purpose in undertaking the research, was to review the literature…

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The SafeAge Project is a 3-year collaborative academic research project funded by theAustralian Research Council. The project aims to generate contemporary knowledge of the roleof consumer products in injuries and deaths for older Australians. This knowledge benefits: Context:There are significant consequences of unsafe consumer products on population health. Whilstthe government estimates there are around 780…

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Australia’s planned closure of the 3G network will continue with the two biggest 3G network closures and transitions to 4G planned for this June (Telstra) and September (Optus). The Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA), an industry association, has a website page dedicated to the 3G closure including a FAQs section and contact details for various…

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The 2024 First Nations Super Summit has set five crucial priorities for the Indigenous Superannuation Working Group to address over the next 12 months, aiming to elevate super standards for First Nations people. These priorities include the standardisation of forms and the empowerment of financial counsellors to act on behalf of their Indigenous clients, as…

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As a provider of education, advocacy, and financial counselling services to people across North and Far North Queensland, ICAN recently provided a submission to the Inquiry into Supermarket Pricing in Queensland. Our submission focused on the significant price differences people experience when shopping depending on whether they are based in metropolitan Queensland or remote and…

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ICAN (Indigenous Consumer Assistance Network) is thrilled to announce the launch of its innovative Thrive Matched Savings program, a pioneering initiative designed to empower individuals on their journey towards financial independence. As an organisation committed to fostering financial wellbeing, ICAN introduces this program to not only support savings efforts but also to double the impact…

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First Nations and other consumer advocates have welcomed the extension of ASIC’s interim Stop Order on Coral Coast Distributors (Cairns) Ptd Ltd trading as Urban Rampage (Urban Rampage) retail stores, where customers enter agreements to pay for goods on credit through Centrepay deductions. The original stop order was imposed because ASIC received complaints about Urban…

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“Taking into account the demographics of those who have already responded, we particularly want to hear from more adults under the age of 30, people for whom English is not their first language, and people in rural and regional parts of Australia.”

“Having responses that reflect the whole community’s experience will help us to identify the right issues that need to be explored more deeply in our inquiry. Findings from the consumer survey will be included as part of the ACCC’s interim report, due by the end of August,” Mr Keogh said.

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Need to know Financial counsellors are sounding the alarm about an “irresponsible” car loan provider targeting people on low incomes.  These consumer advocates say Money3 Loans is failing to properly assess whether its customers can pay off the loans, and is charging exorbitant interest rates on top of that. Last year the Australian Securities and…

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Submissions are open for an inquiry being undertaken by the Supermarket Pricing Select Committee which was established by the Queensland Parliament on 7 March 2024. Information about the committee can be accessed here. 

The committee is calling for submissions to the Inquiry into Supermarket Pricing by 10am on Tuesday, 2 April 2024. Information about how to make a submission to the inquiry and planned public proceedings is provided below.

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Original media release from the ACCC (7/03/2024). Consumer and competition issues in the supermarket sector and essential services including electricity and financial services are among the ACCC’s compliance and enforcement priorities for the year ahead, ACCC Chair Gina Cass-Gottlieb announced today. “Our priorities continue to be shaped by the key challenges facing our economy and the…

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