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Nearly everything we touch has a Standard connected to it, in our everyday lives and in every Australian industry, and they make everything work. As a consumer, access to standards can help you become more informed about what to expect from product and service providers. Standards Australia has launched a new program for improving access to Australian Standards.

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In recent times there have been significant storms and flooding in Australia with a serious impact on dwellings and communities. When carrying out flood repairs to a building, after prioritising health and safety, there are precautions to be taken, and consumers should be aware of the serious impact of mould and other effects of exposure…

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Media release from Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA), originally released here on 4/04/2023 The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) is launching a public consultation on its “points of presence” data – the data APRA collects and publishes on physical banking service channels in Australia.  APRA publishes a detailed listing of the number of bank branches,…

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From the Consumer Policy Research Centre, originally released here on 29/03/2023. The latest research from the Consumer Policy Research Centre (CPRC), has found that most Australians don’t feel businesses are doing enough to keep their data safe. While 84 per cent agree a company should be responsible for keeping their data safe, only 15 per…

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Australia has one of the highest pet ownership rates in the world, yet when it comes to road safety, there is no national standard on the design, testing (including crash testing) or manufacture of car restraints to keep our pets and vehicle occupants safe. Dogs are the most popular animal companions (40%), followed by cats (27%). According to…

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Gift cards are very convenient and popular presents to buy at this time of year. However the Queensland Consumers Association advises buyers to choose ones that will be useful to the receiver, have fair terms and conditions, and have reasonable fees. This is a media release from Queensland Consumers Association. It was originally published on 9th December, 2021.…

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Measures addressing Google’s dominance in search engine services, including a choice screen that provides consumers with a selection of search engines, should be introduced in Australia, as set out in the ACCC’s third Digital Platform Services Inquiry interim report. This is a media release from the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC). It was originally published on 28th October,…

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The Banking Code Compliance Committee (BCCC) today released a report indicating that banks would comply with their direct debit obligation under the Banking Code of Practice (the Code) in only 71% of cases. In March 2021, the BCCC conducted a mystery shopping exercise into banks’ compliance with their obligation to promptly cancel a customer’s direct debit on…

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Stationery training equipment incudes exercise bicycles, training benches, treadmills, rowing machines, steppers, and other equipment for use in training areas of organisations such as sports associations, hotels, sports halls, educational establishments, studios, gyms, fitness centres etc where access and control are regulated by the owner. The nine parts of the new standards are open for…

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