Carbon Footprint

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Energy Consumers Australia (ECA) newly released report, Stepping Up: A Smoother Pathway to Decarbonising Homes (available here), has called on local, state/territory, and federal governments to collectively ‘step up’ and ensure everyone in Australia is supported and enabled to go all-electric. The policy report is based on research by CSIRO and Dynamic Analysis which has increased our understanding on the shared and individual costs of electrification for consumers.

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A CHOICE survey reveals that consumers notice carbon claims and they sometimes influence purchase decisions. But how reliable are they? Need to know New data shows consumers are increasingly taking note of businesses’ carbon credentials But uncertainty remains for some people around whether to trust carbon neutral claims Significant numbers of consumers are factoring carbon…

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A pile of plastic cups in landfill A pile of plastic cups in landfill

It’s a well-known fact that the rise in consumerism and disposable products is choking and exhausting our planet. Before we reach the day where there is more plastic in the sea than fish, something has to be done to ebb the flow. According to the World Economic Forum, moving towards a circular economy is the key, and a ‘trillion-dollar…

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