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The free ‘Introduction to Artificial Intelligence’ course provided by CSIRO National AI Centre (NAIC) will cover what AI is, common terminologies, real-world applications of AI, Australian AI case studies, advice from industry experts to start your career in AI, and more. The two-and-a-half-hour course provides a non-technical introduction to AI fundamentals and is designed for…

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A lack of transparent pricing information caused a poor understanding by consumers of how prices were set. This was significantly worsened by a lack of competition. While market concentration was a major issue, the inquiry found prices in Australia are way higher than in many other less competitive markets.

Large price increases occurred across many sectors.

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In Australia there are over 2.65 million carers across Australia according to Carers Australia. Carers are people who provide unpaid care and support to family members and friends who have a disability, mental illness, chronic condition, terminal illness, an alcohol or other drug issue or older people who need support. One of the greatest challenges…

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Digital inclusion is a deeply complex issue, with access, affordability and digital ability all playing a role in the extent to which First Nations people and communities are digitally included.
Digital inclusion enables a range of benefits, including supporting economic participation, access to government services, social connectedness, and enjoyment of entertainment and leisure activities.

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The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) yesterday released the second interim report for their 2022-23 inquiry into childcare. Included in the report are draft findings and recommendations on the costs, profitability and viability, policy, and effectiveness of market regulations specific to the Australian childcare sector – with reference to other OECD countries which largely…

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The Federal Court has today imposed record penalties of $438m against former vocational college Phoenix Institute of Australia Pty Ltd (Phoenix) and its marketing arm Community Training Initiatives Pty Ltd (CTI) in proceedings brought by the ACCC and the Commonwealth.

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Original media release from the ACCC, published 5/07/2023. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has examined the price and availability of childcare services, how households select childcare services and the impact of Government contributions in its interim report, published today. It draws on information collected from a range of childcare providers around Australia as well…

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ACCC product safety: sleep your baby safe. Putting your baby to sleep flat on their back is the safest way for them to sleep

Infant incline products may be marketed for sleep, however they are unsafe for babies to sleep in. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) advises reports indicate 151 babies in Australia have died in inclined products such as rockers, bouncers, and on propped items.

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Media release first posted 18/04/2023. The ACCC is asking parents and guardians for their views on childcare services in Australia, as part of its year-long inquiry into the sector. Parents and guardians are invited to complete a short online survey to share their experiences when looking for and using childcare services in Australia. The ACCC is seeking…

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ISO/COPOLCO Capacity building mentorship program has appointed 10 mentors to work with representatives from 11 countries in Africa, the four appointed from Australia are all CFA Standards Representatives – John Henry working with participants in Malawi and Botswana, John Furbank with participants in the Seychelles, Antonio Bonacruz with participants in Zimbabwe and Heather Grain with participants in Zambia. The program aims to attain concrete standards-related consumer protection objectives and…

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