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The results of recent research on grocery unit pricing (pricing per standardised unit of measurement) in the United Kingdom have been released by Competition and Markets Authority. The research involved: The Queensland Consumers Association says that many of the results are very relevant to grocery unit pricing in Australia including that: The CMA’s conclusions from…

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A lack of transparent pricing information caused a poor understanding by consumers of how prices were set. This was significantly worsened by a lack of competition. While market concentration was a major issue, the inquiry found prices in Australia are way higher than in many other less competitive markets.

Large price increases occurred across many sectors.

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The Senate has established a Select Committee on Supermarket Prices, to inquire into and report on the price setting practices and market power of major supermarkets.

The committee is seeking submissions that address the terms of reference by Friday, 2 February 2024 and the committee’s final report is due by 7 May 2024.

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The latest edition of the Queensland Consumers Association’s (QCA) newsletter Unit Pricing Global Update (found here) contains information about unit pricing in several countries including in: QCA spokesperson, Ian Jarratt says that in Canada the Competition Bureau and the parliamentary committee’s recommendations on grocery unit pricing are important not only for consumers in Canada (where…

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The Queensland Consumers Association’s submission (#56) to a House of Representatives Inquiry says changes are needed to the grocery unit pricing (pricing per unit of measure) system to make it much easier for consumers to compare grocery prices and values.

The submission also strongly supports the Consumers Federation of Australia’s submission to the inquiry which includes support for demand-side initiatives to promote competition and recommendations on unit pricing.

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Two price tags: on the left it says 'Jasmine Rice 5kg $12.99' with '26 cents per 100 grams' circled in red and labeled 'unit price'. On the right is a price tag reading 'Jasmine Rice 1kg $3.99' with the unit price circled and labeled as such in red ink reading '40 cents per 100 grams'.

New Zealand has passed Regulations that require many instore and online grocery retailers to provide the unit price (price per standard unit of measure) for most products sold.

However, for instore retailers the Regulations will only come fully into force in August 2024 and for online retailers in August 2025.

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“To assist consumers with the cost of living crisis and the high rate of grocery price inflation, the ACCC and the Federal Government should follow the UK’s example and take action now to substantially improved the quality of the unit pricing provided by Australian grocery retailers and to improve the Grocery Unit Pricing Code administered by the ACCC.”

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The Queensland Consumers Association (QCA) wants action now from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) and the Albanese government to make it much easier for consumers to manage the cost of living and grocery price inflation crises by getting better value when shopping for groceries. QCA’s spokesperson, Ian Jarratt, says the results of a…

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CHOICE shares tips to combat rising grocery bills with unit pricing New data from CHOICE has found 44% of Australian shoppers surveyed are using unit pricing to reduce their grocery spending amidst the rise in cost of living.  “With cost of living prices continuing to rise, everyone is on the lookout for ways to save…

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