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A new survey of almost 9000 supporters from consumer group CHOICE has found 40% of respondents had a flight cancelled or delayed in the past 12 months. 

“As we head into the Christmas season, a huge number of people will be relying on flights to visit family and friends. Unfortunately, our survey of almost 9000 people from across the country has found consumers still face a number of difficulties when dealing with the aviation industry,” says CHOICE Senior Campaigns and Policy Advisor, Bea Sherwood.

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March 28th was a day of action for First Nations advocates a year after the federal government established an interim scheme so that some of the families harmed by Aboriginal Community Benefit Fund/Youpla could conduct the important cultural practice of Sorry Business. The Save Sorry Business coalition used this day of action to call for…

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Australia’s leading consumer advocate has announced the recipients of the 15th annual CHOICE Shonkys. “In the sixtieth year of CHOICE, it’s fitting that the 2020 Shonkys uncover and call out practices from companies taking advantage of their customers,” says CHOICE CEO Alan Kirkland. “Whether it’s complex financial products designed to trap people in debt or…

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