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“eSafety and indeed the wider community, expect that all online services, should be taking all reasonable steps to prevent their services from being used to store, share and distribute this horrific content and that’s what these standards are intended to achieve.”

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Consumer think tank, the Consumer Policy Research Centre, today released research that found 83% of Australians have been negatively impacted by a website or app using harmful design features, known as dark patterns. This is a media release from the Consumer Policy Research Centre (CPRC). It was originally published on 8th June, 2022.  In its report, Duped by Design,…

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Scamwatch is urging people to watch out for dating and romance scams after Australians reported losing a record $56 million last year, an increase of 44 per cent. This is a media release from the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC). It was originally published on 14th February, 2022. Over 3,400 reports were received about dating and romance…

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Following CHOICE’s 2020 investigation into Tinder’s discriminatory pricing practices in Australia, new research by Consumers International and the Mozilla Foundation has found that Tinder Plus users in several other countries are being unknowingly charged more based on their personal information.  This is a media release from CHOICE. It was originally published on 9th February, 2022. The research found that Tinder…

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Many Internet connected children’s products have weak security as well as invasive data collection and privacy features. There is currently no effective regulation of these products, and little consumer understanding of how they function or their faults. Read more on the Consumers International website here and the video Huggybug Your Family Today’: Don’t play around with children’s online…

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