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The NASC launched in July as part of an $86.5 million package to crackdown on scams. It represents the most cohesive partnership between government and industry to date to protect against these criminals.

While scam losses are still significant, the report shows a 16% decrease in losses compared to the same quarter last year. It also reveals that losses from investment scams have declined by 6%, and romance scam losses have declined by 28%.

The quarter ended with reported scam losses of $29.8 million in September 2023, the lowest losses reported in a single month since October 2021.

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In the past year, according to figures released by the National Anti Scam Centre (NASC), over 81,000 reports of scams have been made and $92 million stolen. Of those scams, 3 in 4 were impersonation scams where criminals pretended to be someone known and trusted such as a family member, government institution, road toll company or bank. Out of these, bank imitation scams caused the highest monetary losses.

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Three months after the ABC ran a story about virtual kidnapping scams targeting Chinese international students in Sydney, the National Anti-Scam Centre (NASC) has warned that the scam, which aims to threaten, intimidate, and steal from Chinese students living in Australia (regardless of socio-economic status), has more than doubled in number since August 2023.

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Original media release from the ACCC, 03/07/2023. The National Anti-Scam Centre will coordinate an investment scam fusion cell to combat the growing problem of investment scams, which are costing Australians more than $1 billion a year. The fusion cell will be led by the ACCC and ASIC and include representatives from the banks, telecommunications industry…

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