"The sky didn't fall in" Learning from a Churchill Fellowship studying gambling regulation (harm prevention) in Norway, Sweden, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Ireland and the United Kingdom. 2022 Briefing by Lauren Levin, Financial Counselling Australia

As part of Churchill Fellowship Award, Lauren spent eight weeks across eight countries in Europe and UK, meeting with gambling regulators, banks, Financial Ombudsman Services, academics, others in the gambling harm prevention ecosystem and attended an international gambling industry convention to gain insight into what the gambling industry is doing and anticipating.  In this special webinar,…

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With extreme weather continuing to affect large parts of Australia, the importance of insurance is larger than ever. Following on from CFA’s webinar on UK’s System for Flood Insurance, this webinar will examine measures to improve affordability and access of general insurance, including home & contents insurance.  December 7th 20221 – 2pm AEDT This event will…

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