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With extreme weather continuing to affect large parts of Australia, the importance of insurance is larger than ever. Following on from CFA’s webinar on UK’s System for Flood Insurance, this webinar will examine measures to improve affordability and access of general insurance, including home & contents insurance.  December 7th 20221 – 2pm AEDT This event will…

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An Albanese Government initiative to help reduce the cost of insurance in communities at risk of natural disasters, will enhance mitigation measures and drive better outcomes for insurance holders. The Hazard Insurance Partnership and Strategic Insurance Project aims to address rising insurance premiums and help communities be better prepared for disasters. Federal Minister for Emergency…

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CFA member the Consumer Action Law Centre has expressed disappointment with the Government’s initial response to the National Disaster Insurance Review (NDIR) Panel’s report which it labelled as ‘indecisive’. While the Centre welcomed moves towards a system which would see more Australians covered by flood insurance, it raised concerns about the proposed ‘opt out’ model and has lamented the lack of tangible interim measures in the Government’s response.

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