Swimming pools: Standards enhance child safety

Statistical evidence shows that the majority of drowning deaths in private swimming pools involve children under five years of age.  For this reason, the requirements established by the recently revised Australian standard Swimming pool safety, Part 1: Safety barriers for swimming pools are directed at achieving a barrier that will make it difficult for a young child to independently gain access to a pool area.

This standard is part of a series of standards dealing with design of barriers, location of barriers,  and water recirculation and filtration systems for swimming pools.  The Standards Australia Technical Committee CS-034 Swimming Pools has been developing and amending these standards  over a number of years.  Ron Somers is the CFA representative on the committee.

If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a CFA Standards Representative please contact the Standards Coordinatorstandards@consumeraction.org.au

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  1. Private swimming pools should be careful now and have their Safety Policies be revised. This was a good article and very informative.

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