Standards considers fine bubble technology

Fine bubble technology is a new technology that creates water containing ultra-fine bubbles smaller that the wavelength of light. Imagine your kitchen floor or bathroom tiles being cleaned by very tiny bubbles. Or imagine round-the-clock restrooms staying clean and functional. Sounds great, but how is it possible and is it too good to be true? Not anymore, a new technological era is dawning.


Standards Australia recently held a seminar about the technology and ongoing work being done internationally on Fine Bubble Technology. Seminar participants included representatives from the food, packaging, engineering, cosmetics and chemicals industries, and  independent experts, regulators, and interest groups, including  a CFA representative.

Participants at the seminar felt that although Fine Bubble Technology was still in the nascent stages of development, it had great potential and could play a significant role in the Australian and global economy of the future.  There was agreement that Australia should participate in the ongoing work on international standards on Fine Bubble Technology to facilitate the speed-to-market of this technology.

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