Seeking views from consumers on their experiences relating to product safety

There are thousands of products available in Australia, with each being produced by multiple brands. To ensure that these products work safely, the Australian product safety system relies on the cooperation of consumers, suppliers, and government agencies. More information here.

The Commonwealth Treasury is undertaking a consultation on Improving the Effectiveness of the Consumer Product Safety System by providing an overview of the current product safety system, explaining identified problems and outlining some potential reform options for feedback, including options for a General Safety Provision (GSP). More information here

Participate in the Consumer Online Survey to help capture experiences with the current system. The survey covers overall impressions and views on product safety, experiences with particular products and views on the current product safety system. The survey closes 30 Nov 2019.

This consultation process will consider how reform of the product safety legislative framework could improve safety outcomes for consumers, enhance clarity for businesses and improve government’s ability to respond to unsafe products without imposing unnecessary costs.