Scams Awareness Week 2023


The 27th November to 1st December 2023 is National Scams Awareness Week in Australia, a week dedicated to raising awareness of scams and how best to protect against them, including asking the important question: who’s really there?

In the past year, according to figures released by the National Anti Scam Centre (NASC), over 81,000 reports of scams have been made and $92 million stolen. Of those scams, 3 in 4 were impersonation scams where criminals pretended to be someone known and trusted such as a family member, government institution, road toll company or bank. Out of these, bank imitation scams caused the highest monetary losses.

The NASC has a page dedicated to the 2023 Scam Awareness Week with information on common impersonation scams, what to do when you receive a call, text or email asking for money or personal information, and how to respond when you identify or suspect a scam.

For more information and resources visit the NASC’s website or click the link here to see their 2023 Scam Awareness page and resources.