CFA Representatives Policy

CFA as a peak body acts as a vital organisation in nominating consumer representations for consideration by both government bodies and industry and advisory organisations. This enables a representative to take a position allocated to CFA.

The comprehensive consumer representative policy available here outlines the key criteria and responsibilities in being appointed as a consumer representative:

  • CFA supports the principles published by the Commonwealth Consumer Affairs Advisory Council regarding the processes in allocating a representative. CFA strongly advocates for representatives adhering to these guidelines.
  • CFA encourages consumer representations to consult with members and organisations on relevant matters
  • Representatives are encouraged to report back to CFA members on various issues
  • Representatives can participate in activities which can bolster the consumer voice for organisations which they represent.
  • The nomination process is comprehensive, with a designated CFA Executive member acting as the Nominations Coordinator
  • This role entails the management of requests for consumer representative requests
  • CFA will advertise positions on relevant channels, encouraging applications
  • Applicants are to sign the CFA Representative Agreement if they are appointed
  • CFA advocates for absolute transparency. The Nominations Coordinator will clearly document all processes through public channels including the CFA Newsletter and CFA website.

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