Public Interest Advocacy Centre – PIAC

The Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC) is an independent, non-profit law and policy organisation that works for a fair, just and democratic society, empowering citizens, consumers and communities by taking strategic action on public interest issues.

PIAC works with people who have least access to economic, social and legal resources and opportunities. This includes people experiencing homelessness; children in detention; Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people; people who have suffered discrimination; and, those who struggle to access essential services

PIAC’s main objectives are:

  • Expose and redress unjust or unsafe practices, deficient laws or policies
  • Promote accountable, transparent and responsive government
  • Encourage, influence and inform public debate on issues affecting legal and democratic rights
  • Promote the development of law that reflects the public interest
  • Develop and assist community organisations with a public interest focus to pursue the interests of the communities they represent
  • Develop models to respond to systemic unmet need, and maintain an effective and sustainable organisation.


PIAC implemented the Energy + Water Consumers’ Advocacy Program (EWCAP) which focused on the interests of residential users of electricity, gas and water.

EWCAP advocates for fair, transparent and sustainable provision of utilities.

EWCAP aims to ensure that NSW utility services are accountable and sustainable, and to encourage consumer information and participation. This program directly targets unfair unit pricing on fundamental utilities all consumers have.

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