Prams and strollers – draft standard open for public comment

Injuries suffered by infants in prams and strollers have included wounds to their head or face, crushing injuries and amputations. Carers and children outside of the pram or stroller have also suffered crushing injuries and lacerations to hands. In some cases, fingers have been amputated, read more in the ACCC Prams and strollers: Safety alert which includes a safety checklist.  Prams and strollers are a convenient way of transporting babies and toddlers and are likely to be used every day – the standard on prams and strollers has been revised and now is available for public comment.

Standards Australia encourages views and input from a wide cross section of the public on the draft document during the public comment stage. Login to Standards Australia Connect to browse the draft of AS 2088 Prams and strollers – Safety requirements which is open for Public Comment until 25 October, 2021.

The draft standard specifies materials, construction, performance and labelling requirements, and test methods for prams, strollers, and their accessories. In addition to prams and strollers, it also applies to convertible vehicles; wagon-type vehicles; and vehicles which look like a road vehicle that are able to be pushed by a carer.

The mandatory ACCC Product Safety Standard is based on this document but does not mandate all the requirements of this document.

The draft standard was prepared by members of the Standards Australia Technical Committee CS-020 Prams and strollers, to supersede AS/NZS 2088:2013. CFA supports a representative to participate on this committee, bringing the consumer stakeholder contribution to the process and ensuring a robust standard of benefit to the community.

For more information about the CFA Standards Project and how to participate, please contact

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