2021 CFA Mentoring Program Alumni

The CFA Mentoring Program matches early to mid-career consumer advocates with highly experienced professionals who mentor them throughout the program. Participants also undertake governance training and attend a series of peer workshops. Participants develop clarity on their professional goals, improve their effectiveness as consumer advocates and learn about the consumer representative opportunities available to them.

The CFA Consumer Advocate Mentoring Program commenced for the first time in January 2021, learn more about the program and current mentees.

“Being a part of the CFA Mentoring Program this year has been really rewarding. It has given me the tools to not only develop my professional aspirations but to put them into action. Each piece of the program has opened my eyes to opportunities that are available for consumer advocates like me and I feel so encouraged and motivated now to go after my goals.”

— Julia Davis, Policy and Communications Officer, Financial Rights Legal Centre 

“We all face similar challenges in managing our careers, setting goals and trying to get a seat at the table. The CFA Mentoring Program has allowed me to face some of these challenges with my mentor and to gather the confidence to design a future pathway for my career.” 

— Rosie Fisk, Financial Counsellor, Care Inc Financial Counselling 

“The CFA Mentoring Program came at exactly the right time for me! The one-on-one sessions with my mentor provided the direction my career needed. Through the participant workshops, I established a new and valuable network of consumer advocates who continue to inspire me and to whom I will continue to turn for guidance and support. The opportunity to complete an observership provided unique insight into the operation of other another committee and motivated me to pursue other committee positions. I feel fortunate to have been part of the inaugural CFA Mentoring Program and would not hesitate to recommend it to aspiring consumer advocates.”

— Roberta Grealish, Senior Solicitor, Consumer Credit Legal Service (WA)

“As an upcoming consumer advocate, I feel very fortunate to have been a part of the inaugural CFA mentoring program. 

The support and guidance offered by my mentor has been invaluable. The mentoring has provided the confidence to take a leap and steer my professional aspirations into action. 

It has been fantastic to engage and network with other participants of the program. I look forward to the continued connections that I have built with others. 

I highly recommend the program to upcoming consumer advocates. Thank you CFA for developing such a meaningful program.”

— Rachna Madaan-Bowman, Senior Financial Counsellor, South East Community Links

“This was a fantastic program. I am deeply grateful to my mentor, and to the CFA for this unique opportunity. It has helped me to focus my advocacy, as well as to crystallise my personal growth and career goals.” 

— Tess Matthews, Senior Consumer Lawyer, WEstjustice

“As a consumer advocate near the beginning of my career, the CFA Mentoring Program was a fantastic opportunity for me to develop professionally and personally. The combination of one- on-one mentoring, peer workshops, training and committee observation was invaluable, equipping me with new skills, perspectives, and confidence in my work. A big thanks to CFA for developing such a meaningful program.” 

— Rebekah Sarkoezy, Policy Officer, Australian Communications Consumer Action Network

If you have any questions please email us at mentoring@consumersfederation.org.au.