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The ACCC has granted authorisation with conditions to the Australian Banking Association (ABA), the Customer Owned Banking Association, banks, retailers and other industry participants to allow them to continue developing responses to support the distribution of cash across Australia. This follows concerns expressed by the major supplier of cash-in-transit services in Australia, Armaguard, that the…

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A survey of 280 scam victims by consumer group CHOICE has found they are left carrying the burden of scams after big businesses like telcos, tech platforms and banks fail to step up and protect them. 61% of respondents said they had lost confidence in doing financial transactions online. The survey results, detailed in CHOICE’s…

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Dangers to pedestrians at zebra crossings from collision with vehicles particularly at night are a concern.  It’s easy to become complacent about safety, especially on a familiar route. Taking risks and not being mindful on the roads can have serious consequences, find out more about Staying safe as a pedestrian on the NSW Centre for…

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Solar battery storage outside a brick house. The plastic and metal is charred black and melted in some areas. Solar battery storage outside a brick house. The plastic and metal is charred black and melted in some areas.

LG Energy Solution has provided an enforceable undertaking that it will increase its efforts to alert and protect consumers from faulty LG solar storage batteries which can overheat and catch fire without warning. Since 2020, LG has issued voluntary recalls affecting around 18,000 affected batteries. There have been 15 incidents of property damage caused by the solar…

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The Honourable Amanda Rishworth beamed into the recent annual Financial Counselling Australia conference in Perth a day after the budget announcement with some welcome news for the financial counselling sector. The Government will invest around $23 million over four years and ongoing, to provide more pre-crisis and early intervention supports, taking the total recent additional…

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The industry codes will start with banks, telcos, social media, digital messaging and search advertising services, and will require these groups to have measures in place to prevent, detect, disrupt, respond and report scams.

This will be complemented by strong regulator enforcement action, penalties for non?compliance, and victim compensation where wrongdoing occurs.

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Have your say on Centrepay

The Albanese Government has renewed its commitment to Centrepay reform, today announcing a range of short- and long-term priorities to improve the program. Australians who rely on Services Australia’s direct bill paying service Centrepay are encouraged to join advocates, business and other stakeholders to share their views and experiences as part of a nation-wide call…

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The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) is seeking applications from professionals with relevant expertise in medicine and science, and consumers with relevant expertise in consumer perspectives and issues.    Successful applicants will contribute significantly towards the TGA’s regulatory functions by providing independent expert advice on matters across a broad spectrum of issues relating to medicines, medical…

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The SafeAge Project is a 3-year collaborative academic research project funded by theAustralian Research Council. The project aims to generate contemporary knowledge of the roleof consumer products in injuries and deaths for older Australians. This knowledge benefits: Context:There are significant consequences of unsafe consumer products on population health. Whilstthe government estimates there are around 780…

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The 2024 Federal Budget provides $1.5 million over 2 years from 2023-24 for the Government to work with industry and regulatory agencies to improve existing arrangements and, in parallel, undertake independent consumer research to understand the extent of any consumer confusion in relation to plant-based and alternative protein labelling. The Department of Agriculture Fisheries and…

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Consumers generate data in almost all aspects of their lives as many activities that were once anonymous are now subject to detailed data collection, such as restaurants that require customers to order via a QR code and input personal details. The latest Digital Platform Services Inquiry report published today, highlights that consumers are generally unaware how much…

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