Now we’re cooking with Gas!

Gas stoves and cooktops are a common feature in Australian households, and are a fast and efficient way to cook.  While gas appliances must be certified before they can be installed in our homes, it is still wise to be aware of the potential dangers. An updated Australian/New Zealand standard has recently been published which will make  flame safeguards mandatory on all cooktops as of July 2017.  These safety components will shut off the gas supply to cooktop burners in the event of flame failure and greatly reduce the possibility of accidental gas leaks.


CFA representative Rebecca Searcy is a member of the Standards Australia Technical Committee AS-001 Gas Appliances which revised AS/NZS 5263.1.1 Gas appliances – Domestic gas cooking appliances. The standard provides specific requirements and test methods for domestic gas cooking appliances including stovettes, hotplates and separate ovens which use gas as a fuel (natural gas, town gas, liquefied petroleum gas, and tempered liquefied petroleum gas).  This standard supersedes the 2008 edition.

If there is a smell of gas inside or around your home, there might be a gas leak. Turn off the gas at the meter and call a licensed gasfitter to have your installation checked. Control of safety relating to gas appliances occurs at a state and territory level.  For example tips on cooking safely with gas, and what to look for when buying a gas appliance, can be found on the Energy safe Victoria website

CFA is one of 13 organisations on the technical committee which is progressing the revision of a number of gas appliance standards ensuring a safer product for all Australians. Over the course of several years, the standards for domestic gas appliances of all types are being revised, including barbeques, water heaters, space heaters, pool heaters, furnaces, decorative fires and more. 

All gas products (domestic, commercial and industrial) supplied and installed in Australia must comply with certain safety requirements specified by the gas industry regulators.

CFA provides volunteer representatives on Standards Australia Technical Committees as part of the CFA Standards Project. If you are interested in finding out more about the Project and/or becoming a volunteer CFA Standards Representative please contact the Standards Coordinator at