Nominate for a MoneySmart Week Award

Nominations for the inaugural MoneySmart Week Awards have been extended to the 23 July. Make sure you get your application in!

The Awards present an outstanding opportunity to celebrate  the wonderful work being done in schools, workplaces and the community building the financial capabilities of Australians, young and old. It is also a chanceto acknowledge the efforts of researchers in the field. Irrespective of how large or small they are, we want to know about your programs, services and other initiatives that are committed to fostering and improving financial literacy in Australia.

The MoneySmart Week Awards recognise individuals and organisations who have advanced financial literacy across four categories:

  • Schools
  • Workplaces
  • Community
  • Research

By becoming a MoneySmart Week Award recipient you will receive:

  • Public recognition for the great work you’re doing to further financial literacy and associated capability in Australia;
  • Media exposure to share your message and gain wider awareness of your work;
  • New opportunities to connect with like minded individuals and organisations; and
  • Acknowledgement of the commitment you’re making to ¬†improve the financial lives of Australians

The Application form and further information are available from

If you’re intending to put in an application, we’d love you to let us know that it’s coming. Just send an email to

If you have any enquiries about the Awards, please ring 02 9911 5330.

Kind regards,

MoneySmart Week Executive Committee