New website of the Insurance Brokers Code Compliance Committee links consumers and insurance brokers

website designed to empower consumers and help insurance brokers improve their service standards has been launched by the independent Insurance Brokers Code Compliance Committee (the Committee) that monitors compliance with the Insurance Brokers Code of Practice (the Code).

It is an exciting development for the Committee, which works with consumer groups, regulators and Code subscribers to lift standards and promote good practice and behaviour throughout the industry.

The link to the website is: 

The website provides user-friendly access to information about the Code, the obligations built into it, the Committee, and its work and publications. Importantly, it also makes it easy to flag a concern about the industry concerning a breach of the obligations under the Code directly with this independent body.

The Committee hopes this online presence will raise community awareness about the important consumer protections enshrined in the Code and help to share the guidance the Committee offers to subscribers about meeting those obligations.

The website is expected to become a valuable resource for Code subscribers, industry associations, government agencies and regulators and the media, along with individual consumers and consumer advocates such as community lawyers and financial counsellors.

While the Committee’s mission includes monitoring, enforcing and reporting on compliance with the Code, its role includes to collect and analyse information from all stakeholders in order to lift current service standards and to help subscribers address changing needs in a complex and evolving industry.

The Committee’s website will both inform and communicate but we also anticipate it generating vital public feedback that will help shape the Committee’s work in the future and improve the industry across the board.

Insurance Brokers Code Compliance Committee Media Release 13/07/2020