New laws could strip pension rises from residential park dwellers

Pensioners who live in residential parks risk losing future pension increases thanks to new legislation in NSW, the Combined Pensioners & Superannuants Association has warned.

2733443934_aa4013c705“Under the new Residential (Land Lease) Communities Act 2014, site fee increases can be tied to increases in the Age Pension. However, the Act and accompanying draft Regulation do nothing to prevent an operator from taking a pensioner’s entire pension rise in higher site fees”, said Charmaine Crowe, Senior Advisor Research & Advocacy.

“This exposes park residents, most of whom are pensioners, to serious exploitation.”

“Pensioners call on the Minister for Fair Trading to put a cap on site fee increases which are tied to the pension so that they cannot exceed one third of a pension rise.”

“There is a huge need for affordable housing for low-income people in NSW, but this Act will likely make residential parks more expensive and push pensioners and others on low incomes onto public housing waiting lists.”

Photo Credit: Andy Wilkes via Compfight cc