New guide to choosing and using mobility scooters & powered wheelchairs

Each year, over 1,000 Australians are admitted to hospital due to incidents involving mobility scooters. Almost all these injuries occur to device users, but there are also concerns about wider community safety due to the increasing use of these devices.

The updated ‘Guide to choosing and using mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs’ helps consumers:

  • Decide whether a motorised mobility is right for them
  • Choose a device to best suit their needs
  • Use the device effectively and safely
  • Access public transport
  • Know where to go to get more information and assistance

Topics are also covered in a series of fact sheets, including one explaining the importance of formal user assessment and education, and the role of health professionals. 

Checklists are a helpful feature – stepping through the decision-making process, and encouraging users to reflect on their needs, mobility goals and capabilities. Checklists support carers and family members to make informed decisions and consider personal/road safety risks, especially for those no longer able to drive. 

This article was written with information taken from Vic Roads. Consumer resources can be found using the link.