New Energy Comparator & Energy Moving Services Customer Code

A new Energy Comparator & Energy Moving Services Customer Code has been launched. Its development was sponsored by The Energy Charter.

This is a media release from The Energy Charter. It was originally published on 1st June, 2022. 

The aim of the National Customer Code for Energy Comparators and Energy Moving Services is to give customers using these channels confidence that Signatories are working together in their best interests and delivering value to them. Energy retailers and suppliers are also working in customers’ interests as Supporters of the Customer Code.

The intention of the Customer Code is to address some of the concerns about third party intermediaries’ selling practices raised in the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) Retail Electricity Pricing Inquiry Report 2018.

The Code is voluntary, and all energy comparators, energy moving services, energy retailers and suppliers are welcome to be a part of this initiative. In signing up to the Code, signatories are committing to:
1. Customer centricity – putting customers at the centre of business and making recommendations to drive positive and effective energy solutions for customers.
2. Accountability – signatories will be responsive to customer needs and take prompt, appropriate action if customers make an enquiry or complaint to ensure our continuous improvement.
3. Transparency and disclosure about our business, practices and offers – signatories will provide customers with true and accurate information about their business, services and products, those brands represented for a Comparison Service or Energy Moving Service and any Assumptions that are used to help customers make informed choices.
4. Fairness and consistency – signatories will ensure that customers are treated fairly and provided with information they need to choose an energy plan in a clear and consistent manner.

An independent Administrator will run the day-to-day activities of the Code that will be overseen by a Code Council made up of energy comparators, energy moving services, energy retailers/suppliers and customer representatives.

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