National Consumer Unit Price Education Campaign

person selecting produce from fridge in grocery store and holding a shopping basket in the foreground with assorted items

A national media campaign is running from 7 March until 1 April to increase consumer awareness and understanding of grocery unit pricing and how it can help them save money. The campaign is being run by Australia’s consumer protection regulators. There was also a successful campaign in 2020.

The social media material changes weekly and highlights the need to CHECK AND COMPARE unit prices. It also gives examples of how unit prices can be used to compare value between: different pack sizes within/between brands; special offers and regular prices; products in different forms (such as fresh and frozen); different levels of convenience (such as in sachets or loose in a pack); and packaged and unpackaged products. (Two examples of the type of visual material being used are shown below).

The campaign also promotes the use of an ACCC brief plain English consumer factsheet Saving money buying groceries: how unit pricing helps, also available in a range of languages other than English.

Prepared by CFA Executive Member Ian Jarratt, of Queensland Consumers Association. He can be reached at

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