National Association of Community Legal Centres


The NACLC operate as independent not-for-profit community organizations.

They provide the public with legal and related services, especially those who are economically, socially or culturally disadvantaged and have special needs.

Some community legal centres offer specialised services in areas such as child support, credit and debt, environmental law, welfare rights, mental health, disability discrimination, tenancy, immigration, employment, the arts, etc.

Some community legal centres also offer services which cater for the needs of particular groups, namely, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, children and young people, women, older people, refugees, prisoners and the homeless.

Community legal centres are located in urban, regional and remote locations throughout Australia.

CLCs not only work with the individual, but also undertake community development, community legal education, capacity building and law and policy reform projects that are based on people’s needs, offer prevention, and strengthen and empower communities.

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