Muesli maker gets on board with voluntary health star scheme

Consumers will be able to use the Health Star Rating scheme for the first time today with muesli maker, Monster Health Food Co, rolling out the front-of-pack labels on its products in Coles supermarkets across the country.

Monster Muesli pack showing star rating

“CHOICE wants to congratulate Monster on becoming the first company in Australia to roll out the Health Stars, a labelling scheme that will allow shoppers to make healthier choices, at-a-glance,” says CHOICE Campaigns Manager, Angela Cartwright.

The Health Star Rating scheme was developed by industry, public health and consumer experts and governments with the aim of translating complex nutrition information into a format that could be used by consumers to quickly compare products.1

The Health Star Rating scheme was signed off by federal, state and territory food and health ministers in June 2013 and was expected to be implemented under a voluntary code run by the Australian Food and Grocery Council.

“It’s encouraging that Monster was able to implement the Health Star Rating quickly and at minimal cost. Their achievement suggests the food industry lobby’s estimates about the time and money it would take to implement the system may have been seriously exaggerated.”

“We are certain other food companies who want to provide consumers with better information about their products will join Monster and shoot for the stars.”