Member benefits

Organisations and individuals join CFA to signal their commitment to the consumer interest and to support CFA as Australia’s peak consumer body.

Direct benefits of CFA Membership:


  • Receive invitations to participate in CFA member surveys and access to an analysis of survey results.
  • Join a community of peers, build partnerships, exchange ideas, work collaboratively and be a mentor to others.


  • Contribute to a consumer network which advances the consumer interest through better communication of ideas, policies and projects.
  • Establish common positions on critical policy issues.
  • Receive updates on current issues and events via regular e-newsletters.


  • Be listed as a CFA member on the CFA website.
  • Increase the recognition of your organisation in the national consumer advocacy community and help raise the profile of the sector.
  • Promotion of members’ campaigns, services, events and other activities through CFA’s website, newsletter and Twitter account.


  • The right to nominate qualified staff, board members or other a­ffliates on CFA’s Register of Consumer Policy Experts (coming soon).
  • For full members, the right to nominate members of CFA’s executive and to vote at CFA General Meetings.
  • Potential to influence CFA’s priorities.


CFA’s organisational members include national consumer organisations, national and state peak bodies, advocacy, advice and service provider organisations, and membership based organisations such as State and Territory consumer associations.

Associate members are those who are not eligible for full membership but who support CFA’s objectives and wish to gain the other benefits of membership.

Individuals who support CFA’s aims and work in the interests of consumers are also welcome to join.

You can view a directory of organisational members, associate members and individual members.

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