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Membership of the Consumers’ Federation of Australia is open to individuals and organisations with a consumer focus compatible with the objectives of CFA.

CFA Objectives

To promote the interests of consumers, in particular low income and disadvantaged consumers, through:

  • Identifying areas in which the interests of consumers are being adversely affected;
  • Advocating policy and law reform changes to benefit consumers;
  • Conducting consumer awareness and information programs;
  • Liaising with other consumer and community groups to advance the interests of consumers;
  • Facilitating consumer responses to government, industry and regulators where specific funding or resources are available; and
  • Doing other things to further the interests of consumers.

Benefits of Membership

Organisations and individuals join CFA to signal their commitment to the consumer interest and to support CFA as Australia’s peak consumer body.

Members benefit through the advocacy undertaken by CFA on behalf of member organisations and the consumers they represent or serve. Specific benefits include:

  • Promotion of members’ campaigns, services and events through CFA’s web site, e-newsletter and social media channels.
  • Invitations to participate in online and offline CFA events, including skills training, policy development and making effective connections with policy makers.
  • Strengthening of policy submissions, PR material, and your own membership recruitment efforts by making reference to membership of a peak body.
  • Access to information about consumer representation opportunities.
  • For voting members (organisation members only), the opportunity to influence CFA’s priorities and agenda by voting at the CFA AGM, nominating individuals to CFA Executive, or by joining the Executive.
  • Invitations to participate in the development of Australian and international standards for goods and services.
  • Participation in CFA member surveys and access to an analysis of survey results.
  • Listing as a member on the CFA website.

ICAN was interested in becoming a member of CFA due to their strong advocacy role in the consumer space.  We value the role of the CFA as it provides a collective voice for smaller consumer organisations like ours, and can assist us in getting our specific consumer issues out to a larger audience.

Aaron Davis, ICAN CEO

Who should join?

An organisation or individual is qualified to be a member if they  have a primary or substantial consumer focus which is compatible with the objects of the association and undertake to abide by and respect CFA’s Rules of Association. Please read the membership categories below before submitting an application.

You can view a directory of organisational members.

Organisational membership (voting)

This category is for organisations that:

  • Are not for profit
  • Have a primary or substantial consumer focus
  • Support the Objects of CFA
  • Agree to abide by and respect the Rules of CFA

If your organisation fits this category and has concern about its capacity to pay membership fees, please apply for a hardship waiver. If your organisation fits this category it is not eligible for associate membership.

Individual membership (non-voting)

This category of membership is open to individuals who:

  • Are not affiliated with or employed by an organisation that is eligible to become a full member
  • Support the objects of CFA
  • Represent or work in the interest of consumers
  • Agree to be bound by and respect the Rules of CFA

Note that individuals affiliated with or employed by an organisation that is a voting member may join as an individual member in addition to that organisation joining but not instead of.

Associate membership (non-voting)

This category of membership is open to organisations that:

  • Are not eligible for organisational (voting) membership;
  • Support the Objects of CFA; and
  • Agree to abide by and respect the Rules of CFA

Join Now

Three easy steps

1. Review the objectives of CFA (above)

2. Choose the type of membership that is suitable (organisation, associate or individual)

3. Click on the button below, or download and submit the application form.

An application for membership will normally be considered by the next meeting of the CFA Executive Committee (usually monthly). You will be advised of the decision of the committee within 28 days, and we’ll send an invoice for your membership fee at the same time unless the fee is waived.

Complete the application form online

We strongly encourage you to join online to assist us keep down administrative costs. If that is not possible please contact us for an offline membership form.

Membership fees

The following annual membership fees apply:


$350 (organisational income of less than $2 million per annum)

$1250 (organisational income of $2 million per annum or more)



Associate organisations


Fee waivers

A fee waiver may be available in cases of financial hardship. Please request this at the time of lodging your application. Note: The CFA Executive has approved a bulk waiver for individual members who are CFA Standards representatives in recognition of their voluntary service in the interests of consumers.

A reduction from $1250 to $350 may be available to larger organisations that devote only a very small proportion of their total resources to consumer advocacy or consumer advice services.

A reduction from $350 to $50 or zero is available for very small organisations with no or almost no resources.

Joining late in the financial year

CFA may offer a reduction in a voting organisation’s first membership fee when the membership application is approved in the last few months of the financial year. A full fee would apply from the beginning of the new financial year.

Access to services

Full organisational members have access to CFA’s private email chat lists.

Associate member organisations and individuals receive the CFA newsletter and email dissemination from the CFA, and can apply to join the chat lists.  Access will be at the discretion of the CFA Executive.

Member organisations are listed on our website and other promotional materials unless they opt out.

CFA also provides the newsletter to supporters and interested third parties.

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