M-Enabling Conference begins tomorrow

The first Australasian M-Enabling Conference begins in Sydney tomorrow with a two-day program revolving around the theme of accessibility of mobile technologies for the elderly and people with disabilities.  Co-presented by CFA member ACCAN along with Telstra, subjects for panel discussions and showcases include:

  • How mobile technology enables increased participation and productivity
  • Why M-Enabling matters to Australia – the Australian market and local demographics
  • Shaping future market technologies by collaborating on M-Enabling opportunities
  • International perspectives: with keynote speakers from the US
  • App developers and hardware manufacturers – what works for consumers and what’s technically possible
  • Service delivery – perspectives from health, tourism, transport, education, financial and emergency services

One point of discussion will be ACCAN’s campaign against the use of CAPTCHAs on the web, which discriminates against users with vision impairment- for more on that click here.

M-Enabling runs over August 14-15 at the Australian Technology Park in Sydney.